Why do small businesses fail? Is there any reason for small business failure? May be because you have read that 95% small business fail before they celebrate their third year anniversary. You have seen your friends or uncle, even your fail. You have seen how painful and hurtful it could be losing in business because it is like your newly born baby. You practically give it all the attention it deserves yet it didn’t survive.

Well, business


Imagine you are at a networking event or any social gathering of professionals from different industries? Or college reunion or any sort of gathering of people especially like minds.  A darkly handsome young man in dark suit with thick voice walked to you and said, my name is Chukwu Alfred, I’m the CEO of ABC Bank Ltd in a very broad smile and he you shook him while you introduced yourself and he asked ‘What do you do’

What a great question.  I am confident that you can answer that but let me ask you. What would you say you? Will you say you at the CEO of non-existing company or you work for XYZ firm?  Whatever you say is your current reality. If the same question is asked in the next 20 years. What answer do you want to provide? Do you want to provide the same answer you provided twenty years ago?  Or do you want to provide a new answer that defines a new reality?

The answer you would like to provide in the next 20 years is what you should be your new GOALS.

I have been thinking of writing something for about 5 years now. Every day I feel like saying something.  People who come to my office spend hours listening to me about Business Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and investing. It is not that I don’t know what to write or lack of competence of the subject matter, it is just an attitude of PROCRASTINATION.

I know you have something you are thinking of doing, it could be writing your favourite novel, visit that family member anything that will make you happy, but you just don’t do it and you wonder why. Thinking will not deliver the result you want. You can have the best plan on paper just like me and billions of people, until you ACT ON IT nothing will happen.